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Starting at the end

Posted: नोभेम्बर 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Always start a story at the end.” This, I heard in a movie once. So here goes……………

He killed the devil, the girl leaped into his arms and they shared a warm embrace

The fire burned down the empire and it was left without any evil trace

But what happened before, that the devil’s end was so gory?

What was the reason? There must be an enthralling story.

Sure there is. A prince married a girl he fancied for long.

She got a wise man who was also kind and equally strong.

He was the eldest of all his brothers and and was the heir to the crown.

His stepmother wasn’t pleased and went to the king with an angry frown.

The king, in a moment of love long ago had her a wish granted

“Fourteen years’ exile for the prince” she wished. A seed of tragedy she planted

A sin she committed to see on the throne, her own son

The prince never wavered and declared he would go on.

Faithful as they were, his wife and brother too followed suit

Into the jungle they went with hope that this journey someday will bear fruit

While years went by in the jungle, through thick and thin, their heart never sank

But soon a twist of fate was about to occur with the wife alone in their hut by a river bank

A sage came knocking. “Give me what you can, lady” he demanded

A bowl of food she carried and to the bearded old man she handed

He squinted and asked,”Why are you behind the line? Show some respect lady, I’m a saint”

She looked down at the forbidden line and crossed it in fear, for she didn’t want on her an unholy taint

In a moment of horror the sage turned into a demon with a crown with horns

He abducted the princess leaving a prince in a lot of mourns

Upon returning to their abode, the brothers saw no sign of the princess they left

They found worries creeping in their mind, and a sense of incredible heft

Searching for her, they traveled all across the jungle and befriended a helpful monkey king

With a mighty and devoted ape, they sent a message of their arrival with the prince’s ring

The prince led an army of primates and on they went to the island crossing the seas

A battle ensued between demons thirsty for blood and those belonging to trees

After a long and hard battle with deaths on both sides, the righteous won fair and square

Then the prince went to the heartland of the unholy island and entered the demon’s lair

The demon fought with full strength to defend his life showing his half a score heads

But the brave prince showed no mercy and the demon painfully died and into abyss he fades

The prince finds his beloved and thus comes the story to an end

And if Valmiki or Ramananda Sagar tries to sue me for piracy, you folks please defend.